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Leadership Team:

  • Miss Imogen Woods:  Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
  • Mrs Anna Benjamin:  Deputy Headteacher, SENCo
  • Mrs Katharine Brooks:  Curriculum and Assessment Lead
  • Mrs Philippa Assender:  Bursar, retires 31st May 2022
  • Mr Daniel Walker-Cheetham: School Business Manager, Data Protection Officer  (DPO)

Teaching Staff:

  • Mrs Natalie Rutter:  Foundation Stage Class Teacher (Designated Teacher for looked-after and previously looked after children)
  • Mrs Amelia Matthews:  Year 1 Class Teacher
  • Mrs Charlotte Cordey:  Year 2 Class Teacher
  • Mr David Bowen:  Year 3 Class Teacher
  • Mr Matthew Proffitt:  Year 4 Class Teacher
  • Miss Daisy Mitchell:  Year 5 Class Teacher
  • Mrs Encarna Cox:  Year 6 Class Teacher
  • Mrs Angela Boyle:  Teacher cover for PPA

Support Staff:

Teaching/Special Needs Assistants

  • Mr Vince Eddington – Foundation Stage
  • Mrs Sue Vaughey / Mrs Michelle Fowler, Mrs Sarah Kendall– Year 1
  • Miss Katharine Murray – Year 2
  • Mrs Casey Young – Year 3
  • Mrs Penny Hickey  – Year 4
  • Mrs Rebecca Ross / Mrs Michelle Folwer – Year 5
  • Mr Giuesppe Peluso / Mrs Michelle Fowler – Year 6

Midday Meals Supervisors:

  • Mr Vince Eddington, Mrs Michelle Fowler
  • Miss Debbie Gearing, Mrs Penny Hickey
  • Miss Katharine Murray, Mr Giuseppe Peluso
  • Mrs Rebecca Ross, Mrs Sue Vaughey, Mrs Casey Young

The Ark Wrap Around Care:

  • Mrs Sophie Russell (Key Person)
  • Mr Vince Eddington
  • Miss Katharine Murray
  • Mr Giuseppe Peluso
  • Mrs Sue Vaughey
  • Mrs Casey Young

Office Staff:

  • Mrs Serena Fowler:  School Office Manager
  • Mrs Eileen Bowen:  School Office Assistant

Resident Premises Manager:

  • Mr Fred Kolndreu

Kitchen Staff:

  • Ms Natasha Gesese:  School Cook
  • Ms Alisha Dowe:  School Kitchen Assistant