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Funding for a brighter future!

The School Improvement Fund is a vital element in ensuring the School is a safe, well-equipped and pleasant environment for the children and staff to flourish and live life in its fullness.

This money is held and managed by the Governing Body and has charitable status. It is used to make up short-falls in spending on maintaining and improving the school including paying the annual subscription to the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education External Periodic Maintenance Scheme which supports the Governors in their responsibility to maintain the school building. This funding is also vital in helping us keep the school a fresh, inspiring and comfortable environment to learn in.

What is the Fund for?

Over the past few years, in addition to the insurances, the Fund has been able to help pay for:

  • Canopies for outdoor learning areas for all classrooms
  • The school hall flooring
  • New ceilings, lighting and hard floor areas in the upper school classrooms
  • Playground equipment storage
  • Resurfacing playgrounds
  • Creating an outdoor quiet area
  • ICT restructure and improvement of Curriculum IT network
  • New School kitchen
  • School Office refurbishment


What is not covered by the Fund?

Staffing and general premises costs, supplies and services, curriculum supplies and learning resources are funded by the
Local Education Authority. Many extras are paid for by the PTFA fundraising.

How can you help?

Below you will find two items to download. These are our latest letter from the Governors outlining why they have chosen to re-name the Governors’ Fund to “the School Improvement Fund”. We feel this more accurately describes what the money we raise is used for. The letter also hosts a return slip so that you may indicate what method you would like to adopt in order to offer your support.

We also offer a brand new leaflet, which offers a detailed breakdown (FAQ) into why we are requesting this support and what this funding will go towards. To download these documents, please click on the links below: