About Trinity Farm

Here at Nutfield Church we have some beautiful grounds! One of the key areas of our Curriculum Model is Outdoor Learning and as part of this our children care for our farm and surrounding areas.

Outdoor learning is linked to our core Christian values: Community, Peace, Wisdom, Hope, Dignity and Joy. Our aim for Trinity Farm and the nurturing of our farm animals is very much focussed on our aim that all adults and children flourish and live life in all its fullness as they care for the world around them.

Wellbeing Newsletters

Wellbeing at Nutfield Church Primary

One afternoon a week is dedicated to Wellbeing. During Wellbeing afternoons, children are taught Wellbeing Theory; P4C (Philosophy for children) and PSHE on a three-week rotation. Children apply what they are learning in Wellbeing Theory lessons to real-life scenarios, which helps them to fully grasp the subject and its application as well as developing the skills they will need as adults.

The abundance of land at Nutfield Church Primary School allows our children to have frequent and progressive experiences in the school grounds. Our Wellbeing Newsletters document some of those experiences.

The Trinity Farm Animals

Pecky, Rosie and Cleo (chickens)

The eggs arrived from the Happy Chick Company in Spring 2021. We kept four females. They are called Pecky, Rosie and Cleo. They are the ISA breed variety. We raised them in a brooder box which we kept in the library. We built their outside coop over the Easter holidays and transferred them outside in July. 2021. They started laying their first eggs in August. They enjoy cauliflowers and grapes as a treat.

Peter (rabbit)

Peter was adopted in Spring 2021 when he was two years old, as the current owner could no longer look after him properly and give him the attention he needed.

He now lives in his outside hutch and run on the school field.

Charlotte and Daisy (guinea-pigs)

We acquired Charlotte and Daisy when they were 8 weeks old from a local pet shop. They happily live together in one big cage. They especially like carrots as a treat.

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