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RE at Nutfield Church Primary School

Nutfield Church Primary School is a Voluntary Aided Church of England school. This means that the teaching of RE is given significant importance. The Governors have adopted the Southwark Board of Education’s syllabus which is taught in each class by the class teachers, from Reception to Year Six.

In order to allow the children to have the opportunity to explore deeper questions about life and to learn about Christianity alongside a wide range of other faiths and cultures it is placed in the Core part of our Teaching, Learning and Assessment model. Further to this, we allocate 10% curriculum time (a full afternoon or morning) to the subject. We teach RE through an enquiry model, using Art, Dance, English, Drama, through visits and visitors.

The National Society has issued a statement for everyone to understand the children’s educational entitlement for high quality RE.

The ‘Statement of Entitlement’ can be read here.


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Pupil Voice

Please see a series of quotes below.

“In RE we learn about different religions by looking at real artefacts.” Year 2

“I have learnt all about the ‘Five Pillars of Islam’ this year. I have liked learning about different religions.” Year 1

“I enjoy learning about different people who support different beliefs to me.” Year 5

“I have learnt that although there are many different religions, there are also lots of similarities between us.” Year 6

“I really enjoy RE lessons as we learn through a variety of activities such as art, music and drama.” Year 3

“I have really liked using the i-pads this year to find out more about Islam.” Year 1

“We took part in an Indian Dance workshop to understand more about the Eastern religions.” Year 4

“We read a lot from the Bible.” Year 4

“I learn a lot when we look at artefacts from each religion. Our teacher showed us the Quran. It is a very special book for Muslims and has to be covered over to protect it.” Year 2.

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